Liberty Financial Planning has been serving clients in Michigan and across the U.S. with objective financial advice, custom financial plans, investment advice and management, and tax services on a fee-only basis for over 16 years. Our success is founded on delivering financial freedom one client at a time as a trusted fiduciary. We do that by placing your goals and priorities first, avoiding conflicts of interest with transparent fees, and keeping things simple with solutions you can understand. We even make house calls for appointments!

We Are



The cornerstone of our business is you your goals, dreams, and needs. We work hard to build a close working relationship with you for the long-term based on mutual trust and respect.

You deserve to be valued for who you are as a person, not because you have money or income. We invest the time to get to know and understand you, ask the right questions, listen to you, pay attention to details, and care about the results.

You deserve to be confident in where you are heading with your finances, rather than drifting along and hoping for the best. We employ our skills, expertise, and experience to craft a financial strategy and written plan to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Then, we stick by your side to navigate the twists and turns of life every step of the way.

You deserve peace of mind from being on top of your financial game. Let us tackle the intricate details of planning your finances, managing investments, and taxes so you can focus on the more important and rewarding aspects of life spending time with family, advancing your career, building your business, enjoying retirement, and/or pursuing your hobbies and interests.


We Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Liberty Financial Planning is an independent financial planning and investment firm that provides objective financial advice, custom financial plans, investment advice and management, and tax services on a fee-only basis. We are dedicated to putting the needs and interests of our clients first as a fiduciary. We avoid destructive conflicts of interest by not selling any financial, legal, or insurance products. We do not accept commissions, referral fees, or other "backdoor" compensation and do not charge "percentage of asset" fees. That is, our hands are not in the proverbial “cookie jar” when it comes to your money and the advice we give. We work for you, not someone else, so that you receive our undivided attention and loyalty to help you achieve your financial goals.


We Keep It Simple


You have questions and need answers. You want sound, unbiased advice in terms you can understand from someone you can trust. That's not asking for too much. Yet, what you typically get from the financial services industry is a product sales pitch or asset fishing expedition all wrapped up in confusing jargon leaving you with even more frustrating questions! How will you make sense of it all? How can you be sure you're getting straight answers that will really work? Why is this so complicated? Whom can you trust?

The short answer is: K.I.S.S. (the Keep It Simple Solution)

Your situation and questions may be complex, but that doesn't mean the answers should be or include hidden fees. True financial freedom means being free from the frustration, worry, and burden of how to manage the money you earn and save. We work with you to achieve your goals by navigating the complexities of the financial world, providing solutions you can understand, and serving as a fiduciary who looks out for your best interests. Then, we stick with you for the long-term to monitor progress and adapt your plan and investments as life unfolds or your needs change. We make things so simple that we even make house calls for appointments!